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Simply stuck...Dropdown default value

Just a quickie… Why can’t I get the default value of this field accepted? It’s the same as the placeholder value… it’s a text field with an option set of values…

Screen Shot 2022-01-21 at 23.00.03

it’s a text field with an option set of values…

If it’s a text field then that’s the reason… The default value must be the same ‘type’ as the dropdown’s Type of choices (i.e. a propertyArea).

Don’t ask me why I know this (okay, it was Google), but it’s probably literally the same issue you had a year ago, and Adam was on the case then, too. :slight_smile:


Long history repeating itself over the time. Beautiful to see :joy:


Lol, seems like I’m a slow learner :slight_smile: Truth is that I went away from Bubble for many months. Only now picking it back up again. Nice to be remembered though :slight_smile: Glad I made an impression :slight_smile: Thank you guys for putting me straight on these mundane newbie q’s.

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