Set condition if number is between a range?

I can’t seem to find any option that can allow me to determine if a number falls between a range?
(For example: When x is between 5 and 10 return yes.)

Hi there, @mikhaeel… have you tried constructing an expression that says when x is greater than 5 and x is less than 10?


One can also construct a numeric range and do the comparison as the OP requests/suggests. They’ve just not tried it. Sigh.

To be explicit the expression:

5 <- range -> 10 :contains x

Is what the OP is looking for. (Will be true if x is between 5 and 10 inclusive.)

Hi @mikeloc,

I have but couldn’t get it to work. I have multiple values (to determine if they fall into a range) in my conditional expression so maybe I’m getting things confused. I’ll try again.

If you can provide a specific example or screenshots, it would be easier to help. Either what I suggested or something like what Keith said should get you what you need… it just depends on what you are trying to do and how you have things set up.

Hi @keith,

How do I specify the range in a condition expression? It doesn’t allow me to structure it as in your example.

Thanks @mikeloc. I think I got it with the method you described. My full expression was a little complicated so I was possibly making some errors.

Ah, well, now that I’m not AFK, I see that the Bubble Expression Builder is still a steaming pile of you-know-what and you can’t construct that completely valid expression, even with “experiemental” parens enabled.

So, I’m incorrect. (But not because I’m wrong… you SHOULD be able to construct that. That’s a bug in Bubble.)

Numeric ranges are apparently still a completely useless construct (though they would be useful if implemented properly). So in more cases (but not all cases) you can construct the “less than this” or “more than that” expression, as @mikeloc suggests.

I’m not going to go on about this as it just gets confusing . Basically numeric ranges are an orphaned datatype, though there’s no reason what I originally suggested should not work. Let your Bubble hate increase and/or report this (for the surely millionth time) to Bubble as a bug report. (They won’t help you quickly.)

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And now I’m wondering if this works if you’re in the @keith cinematic Bubble universe… And so I wonder, could we use a very lightweight Floppy Expression Watcher to watch that value…

And no you cannot.

So double bubble fail.

You CAN do this, but apparently the test numeric range needs to be constructed some other way.

Anyway all of this is a bug, but good luck getting Bubble to fix it.

FWIW, date ranges are “sort of” supported but not entirely and numeric ranges are “less than sort of” supported. It’s almost (surely) like somebody employed by Bubble started on these and then either quit or was dismissed and nobody ever picked it up again. :man_shrugging:Though, they SHOULD work. Double :man_shrugging:

@keith Funny because this is true. Heaps of small feature additions are done by summer interns at Bubble and I remember during one of my support email conversations sometime back, I got a response along the lines of ‘unable to give a timeframe as we no longer have anyone working on this’ and I’ve seen that a few times on the forum

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