Set Custom state default value on page load

Hi there,

I want to set the custom state of an RG item based on the active selection that is stored on my page’s thing (object)

I have a project page and on that page the user can disable or enable different default categories.
The categories are an option list and are rendered in an RG
Each category in the RG has an toggle-icon and has an custom_state “is_enabled”. When is_enabled= yes thatn icon toggle-on is shown, when is_enabled = false icon toggle-off is shown
I have a workflow that on-click toggles the is_enabled state (onClick: is_enabled = is_enabled is yes).
In this workflow I can also add enabled or remove disabled categories from the projects thing.

So far, so good.

But now I want the have a default is_enabled value for each category in the “Category Toggle” RG. Something like: When project.enabled_categories contains currents_cells.category option, state is_enabled = yes.

But default value of a state is only a static value, and on page load I can not fetch the item group of the “Category Toggle” RG.

Any thought on this would be welcome.