Set custom state on the next page when navigate?

I have an Apphome page with login & signup groups controlled by custom state to show/hide depending on which the user chooses (it’s login by default so whenever someone accesses Apphome, they see the login group first unless they click sign up button).

There is another page Website Index with 2 buttons: log in & sign up for free

But I cannot set the state for next page…
So how can I make the user see signup group directly when they click “sign up for free”?

Send a url parameter to the next page. You can do this via the ‘go to page’ action (add a parameter). Your url then looks like this:

On the second page, run a workflow on page load with a conditional on the url parameter (do when get data from page url = ) and set the state here.

Ranjit from Atomic Fusion

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