How do I navigate to a page and set state?

Hello everyone,

I have a question re navigation I can’t seem to figure out and looking for some help.

I have two pages on my app, a profile page and my index which has all of my custom states. I am using a repeating group on on my profile page and want to use a workflow to navigate to the index and show one of my custom states.

I did see an old post here on the forum to use parameters in the URL when navigating however, I don’t understand how to set up this workflow. If anyone could show me how I go about doing this or point me in the direction of a tutorial, I would be grateful.

Thank you!

Hey there,

I hope I can help you out with this issue. So when sending using the url with certain parameters you can open your index page and have something display. Here is an example. I hope that helps!



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Hey Jason, thanks for this. However, I don’t think this is a viable me as I already have a custom state set up on one of the groups on my index page. What I want to do is have a workflow that will navigate from my profile page to my index page and also set one of the states I have set up on one of these groups.

Not even sure if this is possible with bubble? I am trying to avoid having to duplicate this group on the profile page so as I can set the state on this page without having to navigate back to the index but I’d prefer not to have to do this if possible.


So if I understand you correctly then maybe it shouldn’t be a set state but an actual data field you can create in the database for the user. Then you don’t have to actually go to the index page to set it. Setting a state is a temporary field whereas it seems you are looking for a more permanent field to be set. Is that what you are trying to do?

Maybe sharing your page so I can understand fully what you are trying to do could be helpful. Or maybe make a new page that you are willing to share as an example for me to see.

I’m sure what you want is possible In Bubble but just need to see how I can explain it to you better by seeing your specific situation.

I hope that makes sense. Let me know if showing an example could be possible. :blush:

Hi Rachel, you might be able to use the URL parameters something like this:

  • Profile page links to index, and sets a URL parameter in the link
  • Index has a “On Page Load” workflow box that says “On Page Load, Only when Get URL Parameter Is Not Blank” --> Set the state that you wish to do.
  • Use the URL parameter to pass the information to the Index “On Page Load” workflow to tell it what state to set.
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Hi Jason and manwithaplan,

Thanks to you both for the help. Still not 100% figured this out yet, so here is a link to an editor and page to try help explain what I need to do.

On my index I have a view state that allows me to see the trip details (group in red) when the state view is details.

What I want to do is set up a workflow so that when a user is on the profile page instead, and they view a user trip, it navigates back to the index and sets the state to ‘details’, so that the user is can view the individual trip that they click on. It’s possible I may need to have my custom state set up on the index itself, instead of the individual groups but not sure.

Any help or suggestions appreciated, thanks!


Hi Rachel, were you able to solve for this? I’m experiencing a similar problem with navigating from one page to another and wanting certain elements / groups to be visible upon arrival. Seems like it should be a rather simple thing to do?

You can send parameters to a page then can do something on the new page based on those parameters. When navigating to a page, you can click on + Parameters to send as many as you need to the next page.

If need be I can try to show you an example tomorrow.

Bubble Reference:

Send more parameters to the page

Additional data can be sent to the page. This can be a text, a number for a search, etc. This option defines the series of key/values to send. The way to use them in the destination page is by using the ‘Get data from page URL’ data source.

Hi Eric,

What I did was send parameters to the page as Jason explained above. You will need to send some unique parameter to the page that the user was navigating away from per below. In my case, this is a unique ID for a trip that a particular user had created.

Then I added a workflow ’ when page is loaded’, to set the state on that page that the user is navigating to.

Hope this helps but let me know if you have any other questions.



Thanks Rachel, I was able to set a value (if clicked = “yes”) to the button being navigated from. Then I set a parameter at the page being navigated to that made certain hidden elements visible when “yes” was recognized. Seems to work.