Set focus to Input Element on Page Load when empty

Setting focus to an input element on page load works. Adding a conditional statement only when the Input Value is empty makes the function not work anymore.

Bug report filed.

This ruined my Sunday… :grin:

I am not having an issue with it…works if I have the conditional on the event or the workflow action

Might be an issue if you had copied and pasted the input, or have an id attribute on it that might be same of another input.

A lot of times my days get ruined trying to fix an issue that occurs because their are inherent problems with the copy and past functionality

I’m usually cloning pages. Have had multiple bugs with that and everytime together with the Bubble team, they find out that the issue isn’t there when you just create a new page.

Cloning is a habit of me though.

Yes, cloning should work correctly and I hope bubble addresses the issue…so far I haven’t had much luck getting them to as the process of bugs is to rebuild the problem to replicate…if can’t replicate it isn’t considered a bug.

Hopefully they will get things functioning correctly so we can improve the speed at which we build through the use of copy paste / cloning full pages and individual elements.

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I’ve filed many bug reports of which most are resolved but I agree sometimes you show them a video of the bug and they respond with the can’t replicate message. I haven’t paid too much attention on that and just focused on what we already have, which is actually a great platform.

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