Set state change

Hey guys, I have a problem setting a state, every time I reload the page the state goes back to the previous value in the case “no”
The conditions are as follows

States are intended to reset to their original value every time you reload the page. Is that not what you expect to happen?

The value of a state only last as long as the page that it lives on. So if you reload the page it would make sense for the state to reload/refresh/go back to what it was in the first place


Hey there @FelipeChanfrone,

That is correct behavior. A state is only temporary until the page is refreshed. You might want to try data instead.


So how do I change the background color of the text with a button, making that color permanent?

The “Fazendo” button is blue and I would like it when it was clicked on the parent group backgroud color requested to be blue

You can create a new field in your database, type = text, and make the parent group’s background color be that field’s value.


It worked perfectly the way I imagined, thank you very much!!!

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