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Hi @lester, hope you are doing great.
Having followed your instructions on the above topic I have come quite far in my app, in fact this very workflow is the soul of my app.
Here I was exploring possibilities for a deeper functionality in order to give it a professional touch, having boggled my mind for quite sometime I understand it’s not my cup of tea and probably you can help me.

If you recall the above workflow a job was created at the customer end and it was then designated to one service person, in case of his rejection it was further transferred to the next service person and so on.

Now I am exploring options to show the job to a service person for a limited time (Say 5 minutes) and in case of no reaction from his end (Either acceptance or rejection) this call to be automatically transferred to the next person.
I assume this can be done by running a custom time state (End time state- Start time state = Time interval) but I am not able to assemble the blocks.

The concern here is that if I use the above mentioned state the system considers the start time state to be the time when job was created but what actually is required is calculation of five minutes time when the job is visible to the first service person and then next five minutes to the second service person and so on.

Can you suggest something?

Hello Ankur,

Glad you could get quite far with your app. Sorry for the delay in responding.

I have looked at it a little bit but have not come up with a solution. I will look more at it and see if I can come up with something.

Sure, I am not in a hurry, but would be glad if this has a solution.

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