Set up fee calculation for pricing

Hey all,

I’m new on Bubble and I’m looking for support to help me to build the fee calculation for a pricing.

I have a range of fees depending of the Asset value and currency.

For example:
Asset Value in USD the fess are: 0-30K = $6, 31-50K = $10, >50 = $15
Asset Value in EUR the fess are: 0-30K = 5€, 31-50K = 8€, >50 = 12€

Thanks in advance for your help.

Need a little more info as to where you’re placing these and how.

But in general, this can be accomplished with conditionals or states.

Sorry for my late response.
I’ve tried to build a basic maintenance pricing.
I’ve used the conditionals to calculate the issue fee, but the input doesn’t show the result and it doesn’t calculate the Total.

Below, some screenshots on the calculation I’ve done in the inputs.

The database doesn’t register the sub-total data (of course it will not register the issue fee & total as there are not calculated).

I don’t know what things I’m doing wrong.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Don’t use placeholders. They don’t save data.

Use “Initial content”.

Thank you so much! The issue is solved.

No problem :slight_smile:

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