Setting a Field as a State

Within one type you have 30 fields that are each represented by their own buttons on a screen.

Each button brings up the same popup which has an input field.

How can you set the state of the box to know which field the input will be in reference to? Without setting up 30 conditional states, or 30 groups, etc. A simple streamlined way to do this.

It is easy enough to set the state of the popup as the type but how can I get even more specific, as in set the state of the popup to be the type and a specific field within that type?

Thanks in advance.

Would this feature request solve your problem?

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Not sure. I think we are talking about the same thing, but would your solution do what I am asking in the first question? How would it work?

If you can access an elements I’d attribute dynamically you can use it for setting states of other objects to that I’d so you can target actual fields.

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