Sending data to a pop up dynamically

I’ve got a page that displays the same thing (ABC), and there are several text fields which display the different fields of this one thing.

This is how the expressions have been built to display the data on the page for the various fields

Group A
Type of content: ABC
Data source: Do a search for ABC: first item

(Nested within Group A)
Group B
Type of content: ABC
Data source: Parent group's ABC

Then each text box will have Parent's group ABC thing

I’m trying to have these individual fields display their data in a pop up. So if there are 6 fields under ABC, there will be a button under each of these 6 fields that will let the user display the 6 unique fields in a pop-up and receive data to show.

I’m trying to dynamically configure the pop-up to display said field’s data in a group which contains a text box.

Every time I use the Display data in element workflow it doesn’t show anything.

At the moment my popup’s group type of content is ABC, and the data source is empty. The text field has Parent group's ABC but that’s showing up as red unless I specific the actual field manually (which means it’s not longer dynamic as I’m hard coding in what it needs to display).

Struggling to properly configure the pop-up to receive data appropriately from this thing and work across all 6 fields without specifying the actual field name (which it wants me to do).

If you have 6 text fields I’d suggest potentially just consolidating those into a single field on ABC (you’ll only need the one, unless you have duplicate text entries which bubble doesn’t allow), then set the datatype of the popup to text. So when clicking each button, you’d send the text only to the popup (unless there’s another reason you need the whole item).

This would also allow you to use a repeating group to display the text fields instead of creating each group individually.

Thanks for the response, I figured it out and realised there was a conflict between me trying to show two different data types in a single pop-up somehow one was making the other disappear. I only figured it via the debugger.

Had to tweak the workflow to show the correct group from the page and got it working.

Yes I figured switching it to text allowed me to ‘unlock’ the group I needed for the workflow. Knowing what to select as the data type in these situations has always been my weakness.

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Glad you solved it!

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