Setting a Group so it's always Visible Bottom left (within Floating Group)

Hi all!

Hoping someone can help with my (probably very basic) question!

I have a sidebar and want it to feature like Twitter’s (on web, that is). Meaning to make it so the User’s Profile Section (with their profile photo, settings etc.) is always fixed and visible to the bottom left of the page. So for any resolution or browser being used - that Profile Section is always visible bottom left of the screen.

Currently, I have a floating group floating relative to Top and Left. Then my ‘Profile Section’ is a group that sits within that Floating Group at the bottom of it. But depending on browser and screen resolution the group sometimes hides where it is on the page!

Hope this makes sense. Any help extremely appreciated!

Thank you!

Use three floating groups, with your sidebar being in the middle one.

The top floating group would be relative to top, middle would be relative to both, and bottom relative to bottom.

Try that and see if it helps.

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Perfect! Simple as that! Thank you so much Tal!

Cannot tell you how long I’ve been trying to fix that!

Thanks again :slight_smile: