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Setting a group to be % of viewport height dynamically

@jesse.r.hunter not really sure what glitch you might be referring to. I have never experienced that with how I set things up…here is a video showing a setup in a fully responsive messenger template I have…the input element remains below the repeating group and there is not large offset.

BTW you can check out this free tutorial to get a setup that should work properly.

Thank for your reply! Yes I actually purchased your template a week back just to examine it to see if I could solve the issue. Your template is an RG that is not set to full-list but rather vertical-scrolling. Taking the thread-list example on the left, as it is set, your RG always just displays 9 or 10 cells in view, which will not uncover the aforementioned bug. The issue arises when trying to make the height of the RG completely dynamic to the viewport (ie stretch literally from the top of the page to the bottom, responsively from mobile all the way up to 30" monitors). Your RG, when dynamically stretched, could seek to display 15, maybe even 20 cells on a 30" monitor. The problem with Bubble is, it will not auto-populate these extra 5 or 10 cells autonomously when you’ve defined the RG with 9 or 10 cells, using vertical scrolling. The other option is to force the RG to use a full-list methodology with CSS to show a scrollbar, but then you’ll run into the issue I’ve already mentioned regarding footers.

I’m not really sure the issue still. Here is a video showing how I have a page setup with a repeating group setup as the tutorial linked did it, and on that page is a footer element set to be at the bottom of the page.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help. Here’s what’s going on: (warning: terrible mic quality)


If the floating group doesn’t work for you because you don’t want to use a floating group then use the CSS position property to set the position of the bottom group.

Takes a bit more work to ensure it is always in the proper space, but it can be done.