Setting an option set's value

Main Datatype:
Option Set:

I have a Checkbox where users can select their date,
if its ticked = yes , unticked = no

My workflow is , If the user presses the button
create new instance of the datatype like below
Im not sure how how I set the options in the option set i.e Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday’s Operational to Yes or No based on the checkbox

I hope i didnt overcomplicate it :slight_smile:

So you need to use “add” and then get the option set which has been clicked.
This depends on how you built the checkboxes. If it is radio button element, then you can would add “radioButton’s value”

Did some searching on google, Option sets are static and can only be edited in the bubble editor.

Thanks for the help though, Cleared my understanding of how option sets work :slight_smile:

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