Best way to set Thing's field based on Checkbox value?

Quite simple, I have a checkbox on a page:

When I create a Thing:

  • If it is checked, I want a certain value to be Option A from an Option Set
  • If it is unchecked, I want a certain value to be Option B from an Option Set

Currently I have this working by having duplicate steps, which each have an ‘Only when checkbox is checked/unchecked condition’

Is there an easier way to do this without having to create/maintain multiple steps (or use a backend workflow…)???

Thanks :slight_smile:

when creating the thing you can use the value of the checkbox formatted as text (for true and false) to set the “certain value.” If bubble doesn’t let you select an option like that, consider adding a yes/no to the option set for option A = yes and for Option b = no and then when creating the thing find the option that matches the state of the checkbox.

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