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Setting data source from repeating group selected item

I have a repeating group of pets (see green rectangle below).
What I’d like to happen is for the data source for the group (blue outline) to be the selected cell.
So, when the pop-up is first displayed, the first item will be automatically selected but will change to the one clicked on by the user in the assocated workflow for the RG cell.
Please assist.

Maybe I’m missing something but isn’t this just a matter of having something “when clicked” in the RG cell - setting either a custom state or the Blue Groups “data source” to be the blue pet “Thing”.

And having initial/default state of the blue pet “thing” to be the first item of the RG.

Or am I missing something?

Hi Lindsay
Thanks for picking up on my issue.
Below is a screenshot of where I am trying to set the data source for a Group.
I’m trying to make the data source be the current cell in the RG.
I hope that malkes sense.

I could make it the first item but then when a user selects a different one I need to be able to change the data source to the currently selected cell’s pet.

Actually, I see where you are heading. Use a state as the data source and set the state accordingly.
Yep, I can see that working.
Many thanks Lindsay :slight_smile:

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Just to complete the solution that Lindsay suggested, I use the first item in the RG when the pop-up is first displayed and have a conditional based on a state to show the item in the state when the state is not empty (the state is set to empty when I first show the pop-up).
So, in the workflow when a cell in the RG is clicked, I set the state to the selected cell.
Thanks again Lindsay.

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