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Setting data type: Daterange

Can anybody share with me how they might go about setting dates into a date range data type?

In this case below, I’d like to set the date range to:
start date = date of system creation
end date = today

I’d also like to be able to set the date range to:
start date = beginning of this year
end date = today


start date = beginning of last year
end date = end of last year

Are there built in functions with bubble which can create these dates, similar to excels ()today function, or do the dates need to be created manually in some kind of lookup?

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Select current date time
Under that you should have
change day to
Change month to
Change year to

That’s it

I’m really struggling to get this right.

I have a repeating group with things in it, each thing has a created date.

I would like to filter that list using buttons which change the value of the date constraint in the repeating group.
E.g - this week, last week, this year, last year, this month, last month.

My approach is:-

  1. The buttons change a custom state with data type date range.
  2. And then to use that date range in the state as the dynamic expression for the constraint for the search which fills the repeating group.

The approach seems logical as I have used it in a similar way for filtering on other things beside date, but I just can’t come up with configurations which give me the control I need…

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Try creating another date field instead of the native one. If I remember correctly there are some limitations on that. Let me know if that works and if it does not then please share a link to your app and your expected results so I can have a look

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