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How to use <range>?

Hi there,

Can someone please explain how to use the function?

I’m trying to return events that have happened during a whole day period. So I would use current date/time … but then somehow use range to get it for the whole day?

You can do: Search for Events with a constraint on whatever field has the date value you’re looking at (either Creation Date or a custom date field?)

If you’re wanting all of today, then the date constraint could be:

Date > Current Date/time change hour to 0 change minute to 0 change seconds to 0 (this converts the current date/time to midnight)

If the day period is going to be dynamic, like from a date picker, then you’d use that value instead of current date/time and you’d want an additional constraint where “Date is less than selected date + 1 day”

The <range> operation needs two date values, so if you had 2 date pickers, you can create a range like this:

Date 1 <range> Date 2

The value of that expression is now a date range that you could also use in search constraints.

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Hi, thank you for the reply!

I’m getting this error, do you happen to know why?



Just kidding I figured it out! Thanks!

Would you happen to know how to limit the outer repeating group to just one cell for every created date?

I’m getting many of the same records because it is creating a cell for every creation date:

Did you ever figure out how to fix this?
I am having the same issue where it is showing the same date twice because each data point creates a new date when its added.


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so much hunting for this concise magical delivery of wisdom. thx u.