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Setting the color for a button's hovered over state

Hi guys,

I need some help.

I have a button and added a condition to it, see gif:

I selected flat color but I cannot add a choose a color. It defaults to the blue for the default button style.

Anyone know how I can set a color?

Thanks in advance!

Make sure the type of background is ‘flat color’.

Search one more time for “background color”

Nice gif :wink:

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Yeh I think it is, take a look here:

I have no idea why the color selector box isn’t here.

Can you share a link to the editor?

Its the header element, the button that’s called “Become a host”

I can’t open the link

When an element has no background, in conditional you need to 1st choose the background type and 2nd the value

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@csfalcao is right. And when i check your page I see the option…

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Ah thank you and thank you @csfalcao !

I was wondering if there are plans for an “Opacity” feature for “Flat Background Colors”? So in CSS3 its simply element {opacity: number|initial|inherit.}

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You can do opacity with the right side of the color picker. It’s a slider, where the lower the slider is, the lower the opacity is. On this screenshot, it’s the thing on the far right:


Omdz, thank you!

I honestly would have never found that out!