Setting up a Recursive Event in to Trigger Daily

I’m working on a project where I need to trigger a specific event every day at a set time (12:15 PM). I’ve been exploring the use of backend workflows and scheduled API workflows in to achieve this.


• To automate a task that runs daily at 12:15 PM without manual intervention.

Steps Taken:

  1. Created a backend workflow to perform the desired actions.

  2. Set up a scheduled API workflow to trigger the backend workflow daily at the specified time.

  3. Configured the workflow to handle the task’s recurrence using’s scheduling capabilities.


I’m seeking guidance on best practices and any potential pitfalls to watch out for when implementing such recursive events in

Screenshot Request:

If possible, could someone please share screenshots of their editor showing how they configured backend workflows and scheduled API workflows for daily recurring tasks?

you should use the recurring event workflow trigger in the backend

I tried using the recurring event but i can’t check the funcationality. it is set to daily
i researched and found we can check from log schedler but i can’t figure it out

Hi @pushpraj.majhi,