Trigger API Workflow from backend

Hi folks,

Please see my screenshot.

So I need to schedule an API workflow at the backend
( No front-end action needed, no click the button whatsoever).

So in the backend workflow:
1, I set up a “new database trigger event” called (DAILYRESET)
2, I set up an API workflow called "dailyreset)
3, In the Trigger’s step 1, I’ve chosen dailyreset as the API Workflow , and I’ve set a scheduled date (for testing purpose, I set it just 2 or 3 mins from my current time, so I can observe it).

But so far it is not working, the schedule change didn’t happen, it didn’t show in the log’s scheduler neither.

Am I doing anything wrong?

I’m not sure why you’re using a database trigger event for this?..

But assuming that is your intention (and you understand how Trigger events work)… has the required database change actually been made to trigger the event?

Also, are you sure you want to be running a workflow on a list, which then in turn is making changes to another list? (and what list is it making change to)?

Maybe explain your intended use case here…

also, isn’t it better to set the scheduled date in relation to the current date, for testing purposes (rather than to an arbitrary date)? Otherwise you’ll have to manually change it every time you want to test it.

But Adam, in this post you said I have to trigger it.

1, So where should I trigger this event ? ( I don’t want to have a front-end activity for it , I only want it to happen naturally when the time is mid-night). So there’s no other changes in Database to trigger the event , it is only that “mid-night” (i.e. 12am) the solo factor triggering the workflow

2, Yes I want to run a workflow on all Users when it is mid-night (the workflow is to change one field’s value on all users when it is mid-night)

3, Yes your point on current time is understood and will follow.


Adam didn’t say that, I did… Trigger it means schedule it or set it to be recurring. What you’ve created is a database trigger which runs whenever a specific data is changed.

From a button on an admin panel, use the ‘set recurring event’ action (but personally I use recursive backend workflows)

Have a scheduled workflow that has actions to

  1. Schedules itself to run in 24 hours
  2. Schedule API workflow on list of All Isers

The API workflow in 2. should make changes to This User.

Have you even looked at the diagram I linked by @tylerboodman which explains vary well how you can create a recursive workflow that runs daily?

Yes I looked but it has two WFs in his chart. and it also involves a button. So a button is a must ? Then I have to hide it from users, yea ?

Also in his chart , I understand why WF1 will also schedule another WF1 (it is like a looping) , But I cannot get my head around why WF2 needs to schedule another WF2.

I’d love to use recursive, but it also needs a button ? Cannot the database tell itself to kick it off when it is mid-night ? Isn’t the natural clock a better trigger than a button ?

That’s why I told you to put it in your app’s admin panel. If you really don’t want a button you can kick it off with the WF API.

Would you check the clock every second of every day or would you set a reminder that tells you when to start doing something?

Yeah, you do need to trigger it… (how else would it start?)

But not with a database trigger event - that is something entirely different.

You don’t have to use a button click to trigger it initially… you can use any workflow event you like (including a database trigger event - although that wouldn’t make any sense in this context).

But logically, a Button Click is the simplest and most obvious way to do it.

it is only that “mid-night” (i.e. 12am) the solo factor triggering the workflow

The time being midnight is not a factor in triggering this… it’s just the time you’ll schedule it to run at.

Cannot the database tell itself to kick it off when it is mid-night ?

Database trigger events are caused by changes to data in the database… so, no.

Thank you guys @georgecollier @adamhholmes I will try around this weekend !

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