Setting up a weekly project update


I’m working on an application that tracks a range of projects and would like to enable users to add weekly updates for each project.

Desired input page:
On input page would like to have an upper section where a project manager describes the project and then have a section below where they can enter weekly updates. I’d like to set it up so that the weekly update fields are linked to the proper date.

Desired output page:
The end-user can see the project as well as the most recent update. They also have the option of selecting and reviewing previous updates.

Appreciate any guidance on the best way to set up weekly update section that stores fields with the appropriate update date.

Thanks in advance for any help provided!

Hello @tom12

Please review the following suggestions:

  • Primary objective could be to learn the basics of Bubble
  • With the above in mind then approach the build as super-simple as possible
  • Input page: Add three elements and one button. An input to name the project, a multiline input to describe it, and a date picker to choose a deadline. Upon click of a button create the project in the database
  • Database: Create a data-type called project with three fields: name (text), description (text), deadline (date)
  • Workflow: Upon clicking the button create … create a thing called project and populate its fields with the input values (the input, the multiline input, and the date picker)
  • Input page: Below the project creation form … add a repeating group of type project and do a search of project to populate it … add three text elements on the row … group them … set the type to be project and the content of that group to be parent group project and on each element write … current cell’s project name … on the 2nd text write … current cell’s project description… on the third write … current cell’s project deadline

The above will get you going with your input page :+1:

Once there … advice where you are to provide you with further guidance on you output page :smiley:

Thank you. Will try this approach.