Setting up Euro 2024 fixtures data from Sportsmonk API

Hi there, I’m trying to build a Euro 2024 app in bubble and would like to retrieve the Euro 2024 fixtures into a repeating group in a dashboard. From what I can tell the API data I need isn’t flowing through correctly, although I’m very new to bubble and developing in general.

The image here is the JSON format data from the API:

I have identified the parameters which I need for the data which are ‘id’, ‘name’, ‘starting_at’, ‘result_info’ and ‘placeholder’. Then when I retrieve the API this data is returned.

I’ve then set up identical fields in the ‘Fixture’ data type I have:

However on the backend workflow I’m trying to set up to retrieve the data bubble does not accept what I’ve entered for the API retrieval, although defaulted my parameters and key correctly, which I’ve matched to my fields.

Am I missing any steps to feed this through correctly? Any help appreciated, as I really need to get this app up and running well before the tournament even starts in 2-3 weeks!



Can you show a screen shot of the Create Fixture step in the workflow? I’d like to see what that step thinks it is writing in to the table.

Hi Alan,

Thanks for much for getting back to me and sorry for the delayed response, I skipped this step in my app build and did it manually for the time being, but long term I would love to have the fixtures/results data link in via the API!

Thanks for any help you’re able to give.


Yeah. So if you refer to the Result of Step 1 and retrieve the field from the API feed and match it to the field in the Create Fixture you will have what you need.


starting_at = Result of Step One.starting_at

and so on and so forth.

ah so the problem at step 1 (which maybe wasn’t clear from my screenshot) is that Bubble is not liking my inputs so I’m getting the text turn red in the box here. So when I get to STep 1, there is no option available to choose ‘result of step 1’ for anything.

In step one what is the issues tab telling you the problem is?

It tells me content should be a ‘list of fixtures’ rather than ‘Get Season Schedule’, but there are no options for that within the API provider field here (those listed are not via the sportsmonks API).

Your syntax is expecting a list, but the feed back may only be returning 1 fixture.

I note you are passing an ID in to the API. Does this mean perhaps it is returning one result when you are expecting multiple results.

You may need to define another API call to Sports Monk API to get a full list.

Have you made the same call in postman to see what that is returning? I would be curious to see what we being sent back to you. One of many rows…

Are you doing a manual definition or Detect Request Data defintion on your feed when it comes it?

Usually what you would do, is define the fields that are coming in from the API field by field. And then you would pass those in to an object in the workflow itself - either passing it in to an object or writing to the database.

Here is what you might do with a typical Stripe call:

And then pass those fields in to the database:

So, currently your problem is that you are passing API data straight in to a Fixture object, which of course it is having trouble reconciling.

I am having to guess a bit here as I can’t see your whole process, but I think this is the area that is causing the problems.

Thanks again for your help Alan, unfortunately as you may be able to tell I’m very new to this so haven’t got my head round postman yet.

I had thought I was doing the latter yes, Detect Request Data, i.e. locating the fields marked with parameters ‘i.d.’ ‘starting_at’ etc per the JSON code.

I think I understand what you mean, so instead of pulling through the data as a fixture, or list of fixtures, it should be something else instead in the screenshot here?