Setting up Rich Postmark

How do I get this to function in my app? There are no instructions which is annoying.

By “Rich Postmark” are you talking about templates?

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I am talking about the plugin that allows for image and file uploads.

@vini_brito might be able to help you

Sure! More complete docs will come out eventually.
In short, you grab your API key from Postmark, paste it in the key field in the Plugins tab in your app, then in the workflow action the only mandatory things you have to fill are:
From (which is your address), To (which is who you’re sending to), the subject and the plain text email body.

Everything else is optional.
You can read the “Show documentation” below each field to see more, but honestly there isn’t much to it.


I’d also add to make sure that your ‘From’ address is a registered Sender on Postmark otherwise it won’t work, so if you want/need replies to your email you’d might want to consider using the ‘Reply To’ option.

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I want users to be able to message each other through the app. Heard this would mitigate the app slowing down like building an in-app messaging system allegedly would.

You might want to check out inbound parsing with Postmark.

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Hi, just switched from Sendgrid to Postmark and installed the RichPostmark plugin by @vini_brito. One quick question. Is it possibile (and how) to use a Postmark template / layout on top of the plugin ? Thanks


@stefanof It currently doesn’t exposes that option, but I looked into it right now and indeed it’s a cool feature!
It can be expanded to allow you to specify a template and its parameters, yes.

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I have used Postmark before and really like it. I’d like to use this plugin. I heard they came out with a “broadcast” product for marketing. I’m running a drip campaign app to send emails as part of various campaigns. Is there a way to pass a parameter, custom field, or campaign ID into the email send so that i can pull that data back into my bubble app related to email opens and which emails belong to which campaign? like show how many emails were sent by campaign and how many opened/clicked by campaign?

Hi! Not currently, but it’s a possible improvement. Right now you can only send through which stream you’ll send so it goes through the broadcast stream.

Ok thanks for the info. In looking at the API for Postmark, do you know best practice to track this? is it the metadata or add a tag?

I think looking at tags might be a good bet

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@vini_brito thank you for yet another amazing plugin you’ve released for free to the community!

Would it be possible to add the broadcast functionality to send batch emails to the /batch API endpoint, so we can leverage that very sweet feature (and spare our apps the heavy lifting)? :slight_smile: Happy to pitch in financially if necessary.

Hello! Yes, it would be possible, sending you a message with details :blush:

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Given the warnings on SendGrid, I decided to start with Postmark. I’m really happy with them and also the easy to use rich text plugin (thank you @vini_brito!)

PS: re the issue I was having, I figured it out, it was a forwarding rule I had set up, so all is working well now.

Since you’re using the plugin, you can use the mock debugger action, it doesn’t sends an email, it returns the payload through the “Result of step X”. Pick that result and show it into a text in a page for you to see what’s being sent.
To use it properly, copy and paste the exact same static or dynamic values from the fields in the real workflow action into the debugger action and run it, then grab the value that this debugger action returns and display in a text in a page.

Then you can see in full what Bubble is sending to Postmark.

And thanks for the kind word! :blush:

Hello @vini_brito,

I wrote in other post but since the question is about your plug-in, I’ll put right here.

First of all, good job with the Postmark plugin man :slight_smile:.

I was wondering how you can use a template from Postmark with your plugin?

Thanks a lot.

Hey everyone I released a new feature in my plugin and I finally created a dedicated thread for it here, check it out :blush:: Richer Postmark emails plugin ✉ [Update of 16 march 2021]

It’s about batch emails and variables in the email bodies so you can send customized messages to a batch.

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