Setting User Privacy (restricting data per user)

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I am creating small CRM for my team (users) and would like to restrict each user’s data to be only view-able to that user. I would like to set this up so users can only see the contacts/tasks/notes etc…that they created. Can all of this be set up solely in the Data Base Privacy settings? Or do I need to add restrictions in all of the “inputs”?


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Without knowing the full extent of your setup, you should be able to do this purely by setting constraints on element sources: “created by = current user”.

For example, if you have a repeating group to display a list of tasks created by the user, the data source for that RG is Search for tasks: add constraint “created by = current user” and it will only show that user’s tasks. This is, of course, if “Task” is a Thing in your database.

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Excellent, that makes perfect sense. Thanks so much @romanmg for the quick reply.

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You’re a good person! :grinning: THANK YOU!!!

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Thank you ! Your question and the answer help me so much !