Setting Visibility Condition based on List of Text Data Item

I am trying to make an element visibility conditional on whether or not a specific item was chosen from a drop down. The data thing is a “list of text” since users can select multiple items. “Contains…” apparently is only looking at the first item in the data and “Contains Keyword” is not available for some reason. I appreciate any suggestions.

What do you mean it looks at only the first item? There is nothing like that.

You will simply write Current User's Activity Relate Aware InPerson :contains DropDown A's value (replace A with whatever is the name of the dropdown in the page, assuming it is text as well). This will return true if the selected value in the dropdown is in the user’s list.

Thanks for that feedback. This is the way I’ve built the condition but it does not work. The Bubble Docs say they test the first entry. My data set captures all selections made from the dropdown so my condition is searching for one of these particular selections amongst several.

… contains

This operation tests if the first entry contains the argument.

I figure it out. My Workflow action needed to be changed to “Set List” instead of “Add”. The condition is “Contains”. The problem appears to have been that the Add workflow was not changing the selections (like removing unselected items) to the data table.