Setup Notifications and Alerts

i would like to know if there is a way to Trigger a notification (that can be seen in a dedicated page for notifications) and alerts, whenever a “Quantity” goes (below/any other operator(<; >; ≤)) a certain value. I will show it in a repeating group made for alert’s and notification and only when one of those conditions are met, it will be shown in a repeating group for “Alerts & Notifications”

The user can chose the operator he wants for his use case, so i want to store the “operator” in the “Product” Type database, so each database entry has it’s own “quantity” “Operator” “Trigger Value”

however i don’t know if there is a system that is constantly checking for those conditions to be met, and how to set it up, has it to be done in the backend workflows ? or has it to be done whenever a database value has been changed, or idk.

I’d like to get some directions on how to set this up with what method, maybe there is a plugin that does so ?

something like in this screenshot

Hey @alex3253x :wave:

This is possible. I am sure there are a few different ways to do this. I would probably schedule a backend workflow whenever someone changes the qty of something. On the backend, you can do the check and create a notification record (thing) whenever it meets those conditions. Then you can display those notifications on a page for your users. For each operator, just have a condition that handles it.

Does that help guide you in the right direction? Any other questions to clarify things for you?

Hope that helps. :blush:

Okay so I can use a Backend workflow, I wouldn’t know what to use to check whenever any changes has been done in the database, is there maybe something that checks constantly for the conditions?

Maybe the system where it checks for quantity changes is a good way to do it. But I wouldn’t know how to set up that condition, would I need to use an api ? Or smth how can I build that backend workflow that does that condition ?

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Have you used backend workflows before? Do you know how to schedule a backend workflow?

ye i have used it before but i’m not very familiar with them

i don’t see anything in the backend workflow that does anything whenever something in databse changes

When your user changes a qty, you can schedule a backend workflow to run in that workflow. Does that make sense?

ye that part makes sense, however this means that for every workflow that has something to do with quantity changes it’ll have to trigger the backend workflow, is’nt there something more direct ? like something in the workflow that checks for databse changes, (maybe that’s what you meant) but in that case i wouldnt know what to setup in the backend workflow
as i’m limited to only a few actions, maybe it’s called “New database trigger event…” but i’m too much of a newbie in bubble to know what the use cases of this are

Okay i found a way to do it while playing around with the backend workflow.

my question now would be how to have the operator (=<) to be dynamic, the user can decide what operator it has to be

ah i found the solution for this one aswell, i just have to create a lot of similar workflows but with different operator, and just put some constraints on the inventory

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Glad you are finding something that works for you.

Later on, if it grows and you have a lot of users, the we can discuss how to save WUs so it won’t be so expensive. :blush: