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I am struggling to configure the Bubble API Connector with Linkedin regarding the w_share via the REST API.

1- I know my Linkedin app works (was tested with a wordpress plugin for months)
2- Linkedin doc specifies the use of OAuth 2.0 identification scheme for w_share
3- Below my parameters and the error message I get when I initialize the call

Pls could you help me configure this. Below are a few config screenshots


@emmanuel Could you help with this please ? I would like to know if the error comes from me or if there is a bug with the connector.

The reason is it works perfectly from the Linkedin API console, see below.

why don’t you test it with Postman first?

It’s very closely resembling the structure of what and how you could be sending from Bubble API connector, so if you got it to work in Postman, it should be downhill for setting it up on Bubble (assuming it’s using the supported interface algorithms).

Hi @Vladlarin thanks for the reply. The truth is it works with everything except the Bubble API Connector.

Unfortunately, only a few websites support Bubble for now.

The idea is to get it to work through the API Connector without using third party SaaS.

Yes, this is clear.

But Postman is not a third party tool SaaS that you will need to include to your flow - it’s a tool that will exactly help to cross-check your question, and that’s it.

If you can successfully model, execute and get the right response from Postman, this should work with no issues on Bubble, taking my previous comments into the account.

I use APIGEE (now Google), the most brutal API test environment I ever saw…free. I posted a snapshot above, yiou may have missed it.
For info :

Okay, sorry, I did not realize that.

And how are you handling authentication in your API test environment?

I see that this tool gives you an option to “authorize” itself with your linkedin app, but I’m not sure this will work the same way with normal API calls, and I don’t see the application offering any other options to do that.
Meaning that the app assumes you’re already past the authentication step, but in Bubble you won’t be.

And that’s exactly where you issue seems to be to me, as you cannot get the need response since you’re not authenticating your API call from Bubble correctly.

So my suggestion would be to either see if Apigee can give you a way to handle authentication, or to understand how you’re to authenticate yourself using the API test tool giving you the flexibility to do that.
Like Postman :slight_smile:

So in case I’m not authorizing myself with Linkedin, I’m getting exactly the error you are getting:

I successfully managed to plug OAuth 2.0 now. However there is a BUG in Bubble. You can connect but call is not initialized.

The issue comes from the POST with w_share scope that does not go throught.

Below are my settings:

Below is my POST call…that does not work. Pls help!



“Unable to verify access token” is a linkedin message, not Bubble, so it has to be on their end.

Hi Emmanuel,

Thanks for your reply. I got it.

New error however when I try to initialize the call : PLS help, I found nothing about this in the forum

This message is not from Bubble (except the “there was an … call”), so the issue is returned by the service you’re using. I know this is a little frustrating as a process, but when a message comes from a service outside of Bubble we can’t say much. It’s probably worth checking their documentation.

Patrick, did you ever get this working?