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LinkedIn Updated API OAuth system


Julian here. I’m new to but loving what I’m experiencing so far.

I’d like to sign users up using LinkedIn via the API Connector, as I need their email addresses.

Although this topic has been covered previously, there have been recent changes to the LinkedIn OAuth system that I don’t think have been covered elsewhere, and I’m struggling to make a successful connection.

I’d be grateful for any help to get this working.

Here’s my API Connector settings:

And here’s the error I get after signing in to LinkedIn:


In user id keypath, set sub instead of id


Amazing!!! Works :grin:

Thank you🙏

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Next challenge… How to set up the API Calls and the specific GET requests to gain access to the LinkedIn personal data fields, including email address.
All/any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Put the same thing that you have in user profile endpoint.

Thank you. :pray: It’s working fine now :slightly_smiling_face:

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