Share Website link on WhatsApp without logo pop up

Hello, I am trying to share the new website that I develop from bubble with my friends using WhatsApp. But the thing is, every time I share the link. The " No code platform" will be pop up. Which I prefer will pop up my website name instead.
This is how it looks like now.

It is possible for me to change the form?

Thank You!

I can’t check it right now. But I believe you have to change this in your app settings, under general.

Thank you for the reply, I thought the same, And I have ticked the remove bubble mention in the console under the general setting. But it seems to be wrong I guess.
I am sorry cause I am still new to

Check under Settings / SEO

Also check each page. Each page has the ability to have a custom title and description.

@lantzgould Thank you very much for explaining in more detail. It works now. :star_struck:
@oliviercoolen Thank you too :smiley:

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