Share your Bubble API Connector Setup

After resounding success on twitter and linkedin I thought some people only chill in this community and would post here.

We are making a place to share API Connector Setups between bubblers.

The goal is to save beginners and more advanced bubble users time to find the right parameters to put into their API connector.
Would it not be just great if you knew exactly what to enter for your Twitter api calls?

We are trying to cross 100 signups within the first 24 hours, and are already at 80.

Reserve your spot now on

Building this together with @arnaud.ledoeuff22 @giedraitis.mantas.21


Sign up, love the concept!


This still going ahead? I signed up. Done the $1 thing but can’t access.

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We will release it to the public as soon as we reach 20 api connections.
Currently only people who share their connections can get in. Pm me if you have a connection to share


Hello, I have already signed up twice on the app. None of them I receive an access email, nor a password reset email. Anyway, I can’t access the app, is it already available?