Bubble + APIs 🔥

Guys me and my friend have just started making Bubble + API video series on Youtube. :fire::fire::fire:

We want to cover every single aspect of the API Connector so that there are no questions left for a Bubbler on how to connect to an API or how to read the API docs. :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Would you mind checking it out and leave us a feedback? :fist: :fist: :fist:
You can also share individual requests/questions and we’ll try to cover’em all. :v::v::v:

Here’s the link to the video :point_down:


Nice video, simple overview of APIs. Look forward to the future ones. Hopefully, you’ll cover using Google Oauth2 API and how to handle the refresh token (keeping it alive via workflow, or some other means), as I’m working through that just now.


Thanks for the support man! We appreciate :fist:
Oauth2 coming for sure, pretty soon. We’ll look into refresh token as well!

Would there be any other specific requests you need help with?


No problem.

On the Oauth2 front for Google APIs, there is a good thread here that explains how to do it but the way he handles the refresh token is a bit clunky. If you look at the way Zeroqode does it for their plugin https://docs.zeroqode.com/plugins/google-calendar-+-offline-plugin they use some of the built-in functionality of Bubble + Google Playground to keep the refresh token alive (so no Bubble workflows required). Be interesting to compare approaches and which one is most reliable, flexible etc. (I’m currently doing it the 1st way but considering testing out the Zeroqode approach)

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Very valuable, thanks for doing this. Using the API Connector unlocked a lot of power for my apps. I’m sure a lot of people will be grateful for this!


Hey thanks man! :fist: I’d love to learn more about your experience.

  • What type of content were you looking for when you were starting out with APIs?
  • What helped you the most to master API Connector?

Interesting concept. I’ll look into this 100% when we get to Oauth2 sections of Authorizations. Probably next week. Please, follow our Youtube Page or me on Twitter to get updates.

Should we run a newsletter by the way? Would it be easier?

Personally, I much prefer videos. But a newsletter simply to alert me that there is a new video & what it is about would be handy.

Could also include a roundup of anything new in the ecosystem this week/month e.g. new plugins, features, interesting articles from others etc.


Could you make some examples using OpenAi API?
It would be nice to see some examples being used on it! :fire::fire::fire:

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Agree about newsletter, it’s easier to remind me that you made new content!

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That’s cool, I love it :sunglasses: Adding general industry news is a cool add-on to consider. Thanks :fist:

Yeah just for reminder type of stuff. We’ll consider it for sure! :v:

Oooohhh we’ve got copy.ai type article generator built with Open.ai. :fire::fire::fire:
We’ll cover it as soon as we get over the basics of API Connector. :v:

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Noooice! :fire:
Copy.ai is quite a good product!!

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Now I can’t wait till we start doing all the cool stuff with API Connector. :fire::fire::fire:
Covering just API Connector basics is so boring but very essential at the same time…

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Great video!
I hope that you will teach us how to work with OAuth2 User Agent

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Yep. OAuth Stuff hopefully coming this week :v: Meanwhile let me know if there’s anything specific you’re interested in :fist:

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I could recommend this API

It’s a POST request and I haven’t found a tutorial on Bubble API that use a Post request instead of a GET.

And the API looks quite good :wink:

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Thanks for suggesting! :call_me_hand: We’re trying to cover Authentication methods and next ‘Chapter’ is all about All API methods & when to use them. :v: We might use the API you suggested :star_struck::pray:



Just asking for an update for your next videos. I have watched the first 3 videos on APIs and they were great.

Wondering when you are going to release more videos on this topic and OAuth2 in particular.

Thank you!

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