Sharing an ecommerce store link with the customers

Hi everyone! I´m building an ecommerce and I have a problem. The thing is that I´m building the website from the entrepreneur’s perspective, so in order to create a store, first, the entrepreneurs must sign in and create their store. The problem is that when I share a store link, the customer can´t see it because he/she is not logged in to the platform. The only person who can see it is the entrepreneur when he is logged in.

I don´t what I should do in order to make the store visible for the customers. Maybe is something with the data source.

I hope, you can help me.


Hey there @bruno3,

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I can’t really be too specific because you hadn’t shared an editor view-only link or given any context, but these are my initial thoughts. Do you have a page created that is customer-facing? I’m assuming you probably have an admin panel type page that is for the entrepreneurs.

Once you’ve created a customer-facing page, then you just don’t add any workflow that redirects them only if they’re logged in. You can regulate what customers can or cannot see by using privacy rules as demonstrated in a video @Jeremy posted today.

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