Shopify Style Template

Hi all,

I have been working in my spare time on a Shopify style template to release to the marketplace.

It will let you launch your own Shopify and users can connect their custom domain to their site using CNAME. The standard features would of course be products, order placement, commission for your platform, subscription billing, order tracking etc and 1 standard shop design.

Want to put the feelers out and gauge interest, please comment if you’d buy and how much for below!




Hello. I am looking for something of this nature. I would be interested in speaking further with you about it. How is it coming along?


Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out!

I never actually took the project further and ended up deleting what I had done as nobody was interested :slight_smile:

It is possible with Bubble though. Are you looking to hire as a freelancer as that’s the only way it would work as I’d have to start again from scratch.



Hey there, Thanks for the quick response. That is a shame that you scrapped it. Hard drive space is cheap. I do appreciate your offer, but I am kind of cash strapped at the moment. I have not had work for over 3 months now and the savings are at rock bottom. Hence my coming here to I have had this idea for the next “big thing” running through my head for the last 10 years and I am looking to bring it to fruition. Who knows when this crisis will be over? What better time to try and launch something new. I am going to try and attempt to build this MVP myself or locate a programmer who is looking to partner up for equity. I have found a few potential candidates, but I am still looking into the bubble platform as my solution at this time.

Thanks for your time and have a great day,


P.S. Just for the sake of knowing, what are your freelance rates?