Shopify use case - is this doable?

Essentially, I want to have a single storefront (or maybe more accurately, a marketplace) that acts as a feed for products from other existing Shopify stores.

I want to enable users of my app to be able to browse the app’s internal marketplace and add products (fed from other shopify stores) to their page. The idea is that after adding products to their page, users would share their page with their audience, and when someone clicks on an item to buy it, the purchase is processed by the original Shopify store where the product lives. So essentially they’d be affiliates for the products from the original shopify store.

It would also be great if when someone clicks an item on a user page (which lives in my internal marketplace), 1) the product description + add to cart/purchase function pops up within the app, rather than redirecting them to an external link, similar to Linkpop, 2) the product information, including name, images, description, price, etc. is automatically synced over from the original store and 3) a unique link or tracking URL is auto-attached to each item that a user adds to their page so that original Shopify store knows exactly where the purchase came from. These stores would be partners of my marketplace, so it wouldn’t be without them knowing.

So for all you devs please let me know - would this be possible? And are there any considerations I’m missing?

Update: I’ve come across Syncio ( which seems like it could be helpful but am still not sure how to implement this for my use case.