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Shorter Bubble URL

On our website, personal pages look like:

but we want it to be:

  1. Can we get rid of the “name” of the page (minisite) or can it be created dynamically using the username?
  2. Can we not see the id number (1456584119782x975173309478469600) ?
  3. Can users choose their id (in place of Bubble’s id string)?

well if the page is index, you can get rid of minisite, but if it’s on a different page, you can’t. Now for 2 and 3, this is a complicated issue, and not a quick fix. We could work on this at some point, but not in the very near future, unfortunately.

You could hack something letting users picking their own ID, and making sure there aren’t 2 people with the same id, and searching on page load on a parameter value, but i don’t recommend it, it’s quite bug-prone…

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