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Should Bubble be considered BETA?

It seems that development on the platform is still on going. I’ve seen a lot of bugs reported in the forum (all of which seem to have be fixed quickly). But I’m wondering is Bubble still beta? How far removed from Beta is it… Is it ready for full scale production site or better for creating a MWP?

I think some numbers would hep a great deal
How many sites/apps are running on bubble?
What’s the largest site?

  • of workflows runs /Month

  • of records (things)

I’m excited by the prospect of the platform but uneasy about it as there are no technical specs. No knowledge about the underlying architecture or infrastructure.

TL;DR: This product should constantly evolve, we should be happy that it does, and if you wait for something to be “done” before you start using it, you’ll never get started.

If it’s a healthy team, development on this product will always be ongoing. In most agile developments, the concept of “beta” isn’t real. The ideal situation for us is the Bubble team develops a feature, it works, and they release only the bits that work.

When you build an application, you wouldn’t let the user see stuff that you know isn’t done, and we should have the same expectations about Bubble. In my opinion, the team has done a tremendous job of only releasing things that work, exactly as they are. For things that weren’t ready for a full production implementation, they are pretty straight up with us about it (check out the responsive rendering, for example.)


I wouldn’t consider Bubble in beta. Yes, certain features of Bubble are in beta, (native apps, responsive, etc.) but not Bubble itself.

Products constantly evolve, and Bubble is no different. The key is that the Bubble team keeps an open line of communication with users and listens to their needs.

While I can’t give you the specific metrics that you’re looking for, what I can tell you is that in the case of my particular app (, I’ve been able to do some really solid things as a solo founder. I’ve been able to release my app into the app store, get some local press/early traction, and soon I’ll have revenue.

I definitely plan to use Bubble to continue to scale into my next few markets. And from what I understand, if you really want to transition your data away from Bubble, they help make it as smooth as possible.


So I guess I can give a “official” answer :stuck_out_tongue:

We’re not in beta anymore. Some feature are sometimes released early in a beta way, for instance responsive rendering (though I hope this won’t be in beta anymore in 2 weeks), or native apps (in beta for a longer period, unfortunately). But for web apps, we’re ready for production.

I can’t get in the specifics, but our larger user is a US-based funded startup, has raised a multi million dollar round, is raising a next round (hence not getting into the specifics), and is selling loans online, which requires pretty sophisticated stuff (credit checks, integration with all kinds of services, etc.).

As for the constant development, I think (and I hope) it will be like this for ever… Our goal is to be at the forefront of technology evolutions, and as soon as something shows up, we’ll have to add it. We do have some bugs sometimes, but we try to avoid them through automated testing, and if they still go through, we try to fix them asap. The good news is that if we fix a bug for one person, it’s fixed for everyone.


From a users perspective, it is both.

You could happily create a production ready app I would suggest, unless your requirements are REALLY niche and you have to have some of the newer features.

But there are bits in beta state and that is what generates the most traffic on here. So the view is skewed, which is normal for forums.

The vast majority of the functions on bubble are as bug-free and stable as stuff built by large insurance companies I work for.

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Thanks Emmanuel! I think it’s great that the platform is in constant development. The reason for my question is one I think should be taken into consideration from a marketing perspective. The site does a marvelous job of selling the concept of Bubble and its functional capabilities but when clicking through App Gallery there weren’t many Apps and of the ones featured, a fair amount seemed unfinished or abandoned (No new content since 2014 or 2015).

After discussing Bubble with several other people, we had almost decided to move on until I discovered the forums. The level of activity from the developers and cofounders is great. I’ve had several of my concerns answered but the elephant still remained in the room…

Is this novel Idea something I can trust for a large scale app?

I’m not saying you should divulge details about any users business or application but some general statistics and information would go a long way toward demystifying your service and increasing confidence for those who are just finding out about it.

Thanks NigelG,

That was the heart of my concern. I am looking to use Bubble to implement a system for a client. It would be much easier and simpler than me coding custom functionality in to drupal and then having to theme it.

Somehow I totally lost perspective that WE ARE IN A FORUM… Doubt there would be many post to just say how great everything is working :laughing:

I have a couple personal projects as well. I own a print magazine, have an active email list of 26K subscribers and 12K on my sms list… I did a lot of digging around because I wanted to feel comfortable that Bubble could handle 5K active users generating 10s of thousands of records/things a month

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You’re right our App Gallery isn’t really up to date (we reach out to users from time to time but this take a bit of time, etc.).

Our larger users definitely handle tens of thousands of users and new records a month. Bubble itself is built on Bubble, and we use it for all our user management, account, etc, and it’s in the tens of thousands as well.

We’re growing with our users. As they scale, we scale. Given where we are, you have a few larger users ahead of you that paved the road, and we’ll keep pushing for more scalability. We’ve also been pushing for our Enterprise plan which lets you have dedicated hardware. That’s another option that gives you more room to grow.