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Fellow Bubble Developers, I would like to introduce the following product. Sent our first mail shot today and have successfully signed up 5 beta users. Hopefully more in the near future.

It still needs some polishing in areas and like developing code needs constant iterations.

But I wanted to share with everyone and also thank everyone. The forum is one of Bubbles best features and combined with the massive possibilities that Bubble’s feature set allows, I have to thank not only the Bubble Team but every forum member.

I have worked and developed on traditional frameworks, but because of the community, it has allowed me to produce this product four times faster.

And to the Non-Bubblers - Bubble is not only good for Start Ups, SME businesses but also amazing at scale.

And that impresses me the most.


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Wish you all the best!

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You use the term “amazing at scale” in your post. Out of curiosity, how are you measuring that? Number of concurrent users, page loads, etc. Also, are you on a dedicated plan? I’m a big, big supporter of Bubble and am always interested in real numbers and experiences I can share with others.

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nice spot :slight_smile:

Measuring informally at the moment - not on dedicated yet.

But from tests from our existing client base (see across the UK about 50 companies on our other platform (also created on bubble but temporally shut down) tested and reported minimal issues. Most were due to the way I designed the application. Other small issues, @emmanuel team quickly mopped up when highlighted.

The main test for us, was handling millions of data points from many APIs, including our own. And able to calculate quickly enough for our end users. We found Bubble smart enough to process this information, almost like a BigData engine. Some of my team thought is was not possible, but today with Bubble’s help, I proved them wrong.


Nice work!
I noticed you haven’t tweeted anything - might be good to tweet that you are up for beta.
I’ll also tweet/follow to get it going.


Thank you @john3 I appreciate that - I will get the social platforms up and running - then I will message you.