Should not be empty only when visible

A user saves a filled application, but certain fields was hidden from this particular user based on his dropdown menue choices, those hidden fields has a “Should not be empty” property for user it applies to, but for users that its hidden i still want the application to be saved despite being empty.

I understand i can make those fields “disabled”.

How can i “disable” a field based on its “visibility”?, and is it possible to do it in bulk? (disable all fields in a hidden parent group).

But whats the point saving empty fields on db?

If you want to disable field based on visibility you should be able to do this with conditionals:

Im not sure if that’s what you’re been looking for.

I have to save empty fields, because i have a workflow which creates a new thing and saves the value of all fields listed in the form, BUT since certain fields are applicable only if the user chose a particular option in a preceding drop-down or so, in this case those fields should be allowed to pass despite being empty.

So i either need a condition to disable fields based on its visibility thereby ignoring “should not be empty”, or create a workflow that creates a new thing only for fields that is always required, then should follow an action to Modify the thing from step one, with a field that depends on a drop down choice, with an “Only when” condition based on dropdown choice, and so on, another Modify action for each dropdown-choice-depended fields, etc.

Maybe there’s a better way

This may help: "This input should not be empty" as a Property Option for Conditions