Shoutout - Koinz

A big shoutout to the guys over at @ZeroqodeSupport for designing such a beautiful landing page. I continuosly judge websites and applications based on its UI; if the UI is poor, I’ll migrate elsewhere. As someone that is so design-oriented, I felt that it was only right to applaud this masterpiece. This is honestly award-worthy and just shows what one can achieve in Bubble from a UI perspective.

Give that designer a pay rise!

Kind regards


James, thank you so much mate!

We loved this design too :star_struck:

We’ve passed over your regards to the team and will most certainly make sure this does not go unrewarded :sunglasses:


Thanks a lot James! :slight_smile: Nice catch as we didn’t even officially launched the template - it has just been approved by Bubble and listed in the marketplace.
We are trying our best to showcase Bubble’s design capabilities as they are often questioned by others :slight_smile:
Copying the template link here so that others can check it out as well -

Thanks again!

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