Big shoutout - Lendy

Just wanted to say big shoutout to Zeroqode on one of their newer templates Lendy, what a stunning piece of work! Literally trying to think of an idea just so i can use this template haha!
Keep up the good work @levon and team

Play around with the demo below.


Wow, Reece! Thanks a lot, friend, this kind of feedback means a lot to us :blush:
Appreciate :pray:

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No problem! It’s a very nice template keep it up

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I think that with the right campaign on Google Advertising, it’s a nobrainer to make money within a few days. Capture the leads and make money by selling those leads. Nice idea.

The main problem would be legal terms, it’s not allowed for everyone to just offer a loan. So the focus should be on reselling the leads and not offer any loan.

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