Show a Group if → an text array index 4 is not empty

Hey guys ! Lucas here

I Hope you are inspired to solve a little problem that will help this Community member a lot ! haha

I would like a help from you to know how I can make a group to be hidden or appear if the index of an array is empty/not empty.

Below are some illustrative images.

The Scenario is: Taking pictures of manufacturers’ products while visiting the store. Each visit has a list of texts (Manufacturers), which is the array. For each Manufacturer, 6 photos are required, which are the groups with PictureUploaders that need to be hidden/visible.

Each Manufacturer has its own group as shown in the images.



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Hi @cmarchan

I believe you have not precisely understood the problem. It’s not just collapsing a group or messing with its visibility, the array issue is at the heart of the matter.

array count is 0 then make content hidden
if it is > 0 make it visible

In “bubblish” the array is a repeating group things :count

The RP dont be necessary in this case, because just have one item. I made a new screenshot to show better.

I Have just 3 Manufacturers (list of texts)

How to create a rule that says to the group “Manufacturer 4” be hidden for this reason
( The Manufacturers field have just index 0,1,2 not empty) ?


I imagine something like:

if current Page Visit’s Manufacturers’s Index 3 is empty

image This element is Visible

if current cell’s index is 4 and current whateever is whatever do whatever

Thanks for the explanations, but I didn’t really get the answer I was looking for.

I’ll do it another way, creating a field for each Manufacturer inside the Type Visit.

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