Show a popup on a page from a reusable element on that page

I know I should know this…

My page has popups. I have a reusable element (for a menu) that needs to show one of the popups.

Without putting the popup into that reusable element (or another one, and triggering a custom event) can I do that?

Hi there, @NigelG… I believe the way to go on this one is to set a custom state on the reusable element, and add a Do when condition is true workflow event to show the popup every time the custom state is set to a particular value.

Hope this helps.



I do it the same way.
@NigelG don’t forget to reset the resusable’s state at the end of the workflow that shows the popup, otherwise it will only work one time.

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Thanks @mikeloc and @di_lucena :slight_smile:

Sometimes gramps needs to remind himself how things work round here !

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