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I need items to be shown on a page only when a dropdown menu option is selected. thank you!

Hi there, @quidsicurezza… on the elements you want to show, uncheck the box for This element is visible on page load, and then add a conditional on each element (or you could group the elements and do it at the group level) that is something like…

When dropdown element’s value is some specific value (or is not empty, if you don’t care what the value of the dropdown is)

… and then select the This element is visible option and make sure the checkbox is checked.

Hope this helps.


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  1. Put the elements in a group.
  2. Uncheck ‘Visible on page load’ for the group.
  3. Create a custom state on the page e.g. Visible of type Yes/No.
  4. In the workflows, create a condition - When Dropdown’s value is XYZ > Set state to Yes
  5. In the group that you want to hide/unhide, set a conditional statement that when the custom state is Yes; this element is visible
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I don’t know what instructions to give to make it appear only if the user selects a specific item in the dropdown

Sorry but I’m a beginner, what do you mean by “custom state”?

@quidsicurezza, it depends on how you have the dropdown set up, but if you are using static choices, you can literally type the value of the specific item after selecting is in the conditional (although, be careful there because if you ever change the item values in the dropdown, your conditionals will break).


A simpler alternative is what @mikeloc has mentioned. You can do away with the custom state and simply use the drop-down option value

Here’s how you’d make it appear when user selects a specific item in the dropdown:

Here’s the editor in case you want to look at it from there:


Thank you!

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