How to get a dropdown from a list then have the page show/hide groups

How can I possibly get a dropdown to show a list and then show/hide certain groups depending on what they clicked?

I know it sounds confusing but any help would be appreciated, I have a list in each user with options.

Have you taken the core Bubble tutorials? I highly recommend starting with those and perhaps supplementing them with a video course. Mastering the basics is much quicker than struggling through common challenges one at a time.

As for this specific item - you can simply set a condition on each group to show/hide when Input’s value = choice1

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hey thank you I am trying but, its a dynamic choice so its not the same choice for everyone

Got it. Yeah, just set “choice1” in my example to by dynamic so that it references the correct item for each user.

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You can also abstract this a level and, for example, use custom states. So, if the user selects “strawberry” you can have a workflow that sets page’s color-state = red, and page’s food-type-state = fruit. Then, you could have groups that show/hide when the color-state = red and/or food-type-state = fruit.

Abstracting a layer can be really helpful in making certain types of fairly complex logic much simpler and easier to work with.

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