Show and animate a group on data change

I would apprecaiete ideas for the following workflow to start an animation in one page but trigger it from another page.
I have two buttons in page 1 (my control board). On and Off. When I click on them I change a yes/no thing. That works fine.
When I change this thing I want to start an animation (fade in for “yes” and fade out for “no”) in a separate page (page 2). I should I do this? I did try the “check every 5 seconds” but using that the animation fade in will repeat indefinitely. Many thanks for any clever inputs.

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One single user is only ever going to be seeing one single page, so why do you want to animate an element that is on a page that would not be visible to the user?

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Hej Boston. What I am going to do is to use the page number 2 as an overlay on a video mixer on top of live video as a graphics generator, so I want to elements to appear with a transition. That’s why

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I’d look at sending a URL paramater through in your workflow, then extracting this on the destination page.

You can could create a parameter called something like ‘animate value’, then set this = ‘yes’ or ‘no’ based on whatever option the user selects.

Then, on your destination page, run a workflow that’s triggered on page load, but add a condition to that trigger that only allows it to run when the ‘animate value’ URL parameter = ‘yes’.

Then from here, you could run the animation.

Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

Hi there! Thanks for the tip. I did start with your workflow idea and from there I worked out an alternative. The issue with sending the data in the URL is that I would need to refresh the page every time I would change the animation in or out.
As a matter of sharing knowledge, this is how I did it at the end:
Workflow: “Do when current’s page” - Only when the thing’s database is “on” and current page state is “off” → Animate group X. → Set state of the page to “on”
The current state “on” to stop this action (otherwise it would repeat in a loop all the time.
To do the off workflow I do the same but I change on against offs basically.

That is not actually correct. What you would have to do is use the navigation go to page workflow action and make changes to the URL parameter…this does NOT refresh the page when you are navigating to the same page the user is currently on.

This seems to require you to interact with the Server in a way that will cause you to use a lot of unnecessary WUs just for this feature because most likely, prior to navigating to the new page, you are making changes to the page’s thing in the database which requires workflow actions that cost WUs.

Sounds like again, a need to do a workflow action to change the page’s thing in the database, which again, would cause the consumption of WUs.

You can do this without using WUs by using the URL parameters and the go to page navigation workflow to change the URL parameters, which will not cause the page to refresh/reload.

Ok thanks! I’ll give it a try.

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