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Hide or show something in another page

Hello everyone !

I am stuck on a problem. I am doing a module with step of registration in a dashboard.

I would like to know how make change a thing in another page.

For exemple :

Page 1 : I click on a bouton β†’ Page 2 : an element is hide

The problem is the workflows allow only changes of element in the same page.

If somoene could help me it would be really nice ! :grinning:

ps: If i am not clear or you need more ifonrmation tell me :wink:

One idea is to send a URL parameter to that page.

On that second page, you set a workflow that - when the page is loaded - it hides/show based on that URL parameter.

URL parameters can be set via go to page... action.
To read it, use the variable get data from page URL....


Hello Rico !

Thanks to answering me, I tried multiple things but i don’t really success to do it.
I don’t want to navigate to the page but just show/hide something on another page, and i would like that the Page 2 change defenitly whatever page you come from.

Hello @plateforme

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