Show email address from another email input


I’m new to Bubble and having issues displaying the email address in the email input field of a popup sign up screen once the user has typed it in on “get started” email field and click “get started” button.
So, in other words, I have a “get started” field and a sign up button that both opens the sign up popup but want I want is when the user enters the email in the get started input field, I want that email address to show up in the email field of the popup automatically so that they user do not have to re-type the email but have to complete the rest the sign up form. Hope that makes sense, I attached a screenshot.

Hi there, @jaded5505… set the Initial content of the email input in the popup equal to the value of the input in your screenshot, and you should be good to go. To clarify, let’s say the name of the input in your screenshot is Main Page Email, and the name of the input in the popup is Popup Email. If you set the Initial content of Popup Email to Main Page Email's value, you should get the desired result.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the response. When I read your reply it made so much sense! I tried your suggestion but the problem is when I click on my signup/login popup, I have to click on edit to get to the different groups. When I get to the edit screen, I can hide the login and reset group to isolate the signup group. I clicked on initial content but it does not give me the option to choose main page email’ value because, I’m guessing, I’m no longer on the main page, I’m now on the popup page. Previously, I was able to place the popup reusable on any page and still hide and show the groups but it’s not giving me that option, I now have to click on edit to see all the groups. Thanks for the help so far!

Ah, right… I was thinking about a regular popup, but I should have known my suggestion wouldn’t work for the reusable Signup/Login Popup… sorry about that.

I’m guessing there are multiple ways to go about it, but I know a custom state will work. So, start by adding a custom state to the popup…

Then, set the initial content of the email field in the popup to be the custom state you just created…


Finally, in the workflow that opens the popup, show the popup and then set the custom state to be the value of the email field on the main page…


That should do the trick… hope this helps.


This one did the trick, works beautifully. Thank you!!!

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