Popup for email address not populating email

I have an icon on a page that is to send an email… When they click on the icon it brings up a popup box…



The user enters the email address of where they want the email sent. They then click the Email Send button on the popup which closes the popup. The email is suppose to be sent then using the email address provided; however, the email address in the popup seem to not be getting to the email… Can someone tell me why?

Can anyone tell me why the input box ‘Email Address Input 2’s value’ from the popup box is not correctly populating the To field on the Send Email workflow step? If I hardcode an email address into the To field it sends fine…?

Your workflow is a bit confusing to me. It looks like it’s split into 2 parts? How/why are you doing that?

The only thing I can think of is that the input you’re trying to use isn’t the one you’re looking for, but it’s hard to tell anything from these screenshots. Could you share a link to the editor?

You might have 2 “Email Address Input 2’s value” … or maybe you’re resetting the input before the email gets sent?

I think I see what is going on. You need to split up the workflow into 2 different workflows.

1st Workflow: Send the data to the popup window and show the popup.
2nd Workflow: When click on the email button then send the email and close the popup.

Is that what you are going for?

What do you mean by “send the data”…? I am just accessing the fields on the send email task… Will that not work?

Do I need to “send data” from the email address popup to the task?

Kinda but my pattern was:

1st Workflow: Click icon, open popup…(2nd workflow happens)… then send email.
2nd Workflow: Close popup after they have entered email address.

I think as long as you separate the two workflows it would should work.

Why don’t you try it like this…

1st Workflow: Click Icon, Open Popup.
2nd Workflow: Send email using the email address they entered in popup and close popup.

If that’s not what you are looking for then maybe I can try to understand your purpose better.

Are you trying to send an email to the email address that they entered in the popup? Just to clarify.

I think I don’t understand the purpose of the 2nd workflow… All you are doing is entering an email address and closing the popup which makes entering an email pointless. It doesn’t actually do anything with the email address that is entered.

Really I think what is happening is that you are sending the email too soon. It’s not giving the user time to put in the email address.

This is what I’m talking about. See the 2 workflows?

You can take a look here to see it in action.

Thanks for the info; however, here is my problem… The mail icon is in a repeating group cell. I want to use that info to be in the body of the email… When I lay it out your way, I don’t seem to have the info to insert the repeating group info into the email body. The choice of ‘current cell’ field is not there?

Ya, i know what you mean. So when you click on the button in the current cell you have to send that data to your popup. See pics.

I added a repeating group to this test app for you so you can see how it works. test805 | Bubble Editor

You also have to make sure the receiving pop up is the same type that you are sending. See pics.

I see; however, I am not using the bubble database at all. Everything is done through APIs so I can do the display data part, but am confused on getting that field into the email workflow piece…?

I am pretty sure you can use your same workflows you have but just split them up into two.

Right now you have it set like this:

When you click on the mail button (step 1) the “Show Email Send To Address” popup is shown and right after it does that (step 2) it sends an email to no one since no email is entered yet.

Then you type in the email address in the field (that basically does nothing since the email was already sent to no one) and click the Email Send button which just hides the popup.

Does that make sense at all? If you say the email is working correctly when you manually enter an email address then the API is not a problem. You should be able to do it.

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