Show Group Focus in a RG

There is some way to show a Group Focus clicking in a element inside repeatingo group?
I saw something by realtilizable elements, but still is not so clear for me.


You can create a workflow in order to toggle a group focus by clicking an element inside a RP.

Nevertheless, you cannot reference the group focus to the element inside the RP.

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You can put group focus inside a reusable and then, you can show it on a click to the element in this repeating group. Then, put this reusable to the repeating group. See the demo:

See the reusable has the icon and group focus:

The icon shows group focus on click in the reusable:

Then, you put it into the repeating group:

Here is the editor if you want to check details:


@hergin didn’t remember about that way ! Thank you to correct me !!

Yes, precisely what i did.

Thank you a lot man!